Deep ecology

Energy which I’ve kept under lock and key
Where the lock is busyness
The key, distraction
All of it so easily pillaged
By the ritual acts;
The bringing of consciousness
Sitting in a circle
Sharing, one by single one
Becoming unified, somehow
Through our articulations of individuality

Hear; we all have a story
All walk a path
For some, words flow like a dammed creek
Set free, when a heavy stone
Is lifted from the natural course
Others slow, pick at the layers
Speed up then slow again

My own words felt too big
To leave my chest
For a moment;
Then they left me,
Chest taut, quivering
Heart pumping away;
Realising truth in motion
Release, remember; let go of all that’s held

Deep ecology
An antidote to shallow living
Dive in, breathe water like it’s air
Let ocean mirror sky
Clouds roll into waves
As atmosphere goes to darkness
So too the depths