I have all the usual fears
All the wildest dreams
We’re not so different
You and I it seems

Glimpses of Earth

Glimpses of Earth collects moments of clarity in the search for belonging. The bush is the bedrock of the work, which explores a beauty seen away from humankind, the coming alive of the world when you let yourself go. Old lessons hide out there, in shaded clearings and animal tracks. In the mirror of life provided by other beings are conversations about love, about being enough, about knowing who you are. There is grief, for environmental catastrophes felt from afar. There is praise, there is awe that inspires life, there is love, gratitude and deep appreciation for the marvels of Earth.

β€œIn Glimpses of Earth we are privileged to glimpse the mind of Leo Lazarus, a new poetic voice speaking in the language of nature. He takes us into the world of trees, sun, moon, water, insects and animals and all that we can learn from them as mere humans in their thrall. We can do well to read these poems and appreciate nature for all her gifts in the gift of this poetry. I welcome Leo to the pantheon of poets whose voice is a breath of fresh air.”

– Sandy Jeffs, OAM

Glimpses of Earth is available online from the publisher, Ginninderra Press, or from Amazon and Book Depository. An e-book option is available.

An excerpt from ‘Shedding the Sea’

The water is rushing off the rocks

even as they sink onto their beds

the herons are statues

until the moment they follow their beaks

and are lightning

All Men Must Cry: a response to violence against women in Australia

All Men Must Cry: A poem in response to the tragic death of a young woman in my hometown, Melbourne, and the ongoing epidemic of domestic and social violence against women in Australia.

Poetry in Spanish

My poetry in Spanish has been published in the Melbourne based collective A Voz Limpia’s annual anthologies for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Poems include La Camanchaca Gris (The Grey Fog), Dentro (Within) and Inmigrantes (Immigrants).

All volumes of the anthology are available from A Voz Limpia’s website: www.avozlimpia.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/avozlimpia


The passage of time is treacherous
For when it slips away
Without rippling the surface
You should most fear it